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Fellscapes is a stock photo and other such materials platform, created to provide fine art quality material for a wide variety of uses and customers, main subjects being Lapland and decay of urban environments. Lapland has steadily been on the rise as a popular travel destination and as a place to work and live in. The changing seasons from Polar Night to Midnight Sun, coupled with unique geographical features like the ages old primordial mountains known as fells and thousands of lakes offer something for everyone.

Fellscapes stock photo library was founded to be the focused platform to showcase these unique qualities of Lapland. Decay of urban environments is also a main focus for us, they introduce the human element, the remnants of factories and houses are testimonies to the ever-changing phases of progression, and offer a contrast to the stillness of the fells and the seemingly endless snowy lands.

Our team consists of three individuals. Matti is the marketing and business lead for Fellscapes. Erno is the graphic designer and is responsible for the web design of this site and also provides content. Juuso is a content creator with a background in photography, videography and 3D modeling. We have been working together on projects before, and after long talks and throwing ideas around, the opportunity presented itself and we decided to combine our expertise to create this service.