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Yes you can, the price for individual images is 9.90€ (ex. tax. 24%). The images purchased are covered by the Standard Image License.

Please see the Terms of Service Part I – 1.1 about Visual Content Licenses.

If your use of images does not meet the terms of the Standard License, you must purchase the Enhanced License for such images individually.

Locations vary from Northern Fennoscandia and around Finland, all the way to Detroit, USA.

The photos have been taken with Canon EOS 550D, Canon EOS 600D, Canon EOS 60D. Also Sony a7S, Sony a7R, Sony a7R II, Sony RX 100 IV, and Sony RX10 III have been used. Mobiles have played their part as well, with photos taken on Samsung Galaxy S8+, Samsung Galaxy Note8 and Huawei P30 Pro.

Post-processing is relatively mild in most of the images, consisting of contrast, curve and slight color adjustments. Sometimes clarity has been used as well, more in urban exploration photos to emphasize the dirt and other grunge details.

Images have been shot always on RAW, in some cases JPEG as in some of the photo modes on mobiles do not support RAW output.

We have found through years and thousands of photos taken, that the main elements of a compelling photograph is lighting and composition, equipment comes as second and post-processing skills as third. Amount of megapixels does not matter in the artistic qualities of a photo, but are more important when lots of detail are needed. Depending on sensor size and megapixel count, all the images are captured with slight differences and these can be used to guide the artistic expression.